Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage

Just bought this product and within 15 minutes contacted clickbank for a full refund.

This is yet another HYPED up garbage money making scam. The sales page is all rubbish.

It states up and running making money in minutes!!!!! Also states no website building???

The package is all about buying websites, building them and selling them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The package is not even finished as in the members area it states they are still working very hard to get the training videos finished!!!! What a load of total crap.

Be warned!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Paul Birdsall Scam

Paul Birdsall, currently running his most upto date scam - "The Streamline Funnel System" (Where do these idiots think up these names?)

There is loads of info / complaints about Paul Birdsall freely and easily viewed by doing a Google search on him. Its surprising what you can find!!

I would not risk a penny with this guy as his reputation is pure conman. His latest, the Streamline Funnel System is so new that nobody has lodged or written any complaints about him yet.

I posted my findings on a previous thread on this blog of what I found was dodgy about this system. It looks far too suspicious to me, and I would not dream of investing in this at all. You might as well go and flush your hard earned cash down the toliet.

I would advise all to read if your thinking of parting with any money towards this guy.

Please read my previous thread on the stream line funnel system for more information.

My Opinion - Anything with Paul Birdsalls name on it = AVOID

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How To Market Experts Scam Review - A Must Read before you pay any money

BRAND NEW - Only released today so I just had to investigate this one and I am glad I did!Shaun Smith and Simon Stepsys have teamed up as 2 internet gurus offering the ultimate in SCAMS.

I have confidence in saying this even though it is brand new as these two men are time proven scam artists and fraudsters. Shaun Smith has even served a long stretch in prision for his fraud.

The short research I made on these two names gave me hours of reading. One scam to the next, going back for years and years. These guys as I say have a proven background in scamming all openly and easily readable on the internet.

Therefore anything that involves the name of these guys you are bound to end up losing your money after having fallen for the scam.I have reviewed many systems and realised alot of scams now but never have I read so much detail of the past of these people.

They actually take my number 1 spot prize for being the TOP SCAM ARTISTS that I have found so far.

Please people, dont just take my word for it, review and research their names and get as much proof as you need to justify not paying them a penny.

My advice:- (Anything at all connected with these 2 guys)

AVOID AT ALL COSTS - Dont be tempted - dont be fooled, you will lose your money
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Monday, 13 July 2009

Streamline Funnel System Scam - I think so

I have got to the point now where I just no longer trust this system.I signed up for pre launch which was free on the understanding that I pay $9.95 on launch day and that I would get 10000 opt in subscribers.

There was not much detail given before launch!!! That was the first warning sign.

Launch day came and then I was redirected to a payment page to pay my $9.95. But just before I was going to pay I checked out the terms and conditions page!!!!!

Glad I did! Paying the $9.95 gives you 3 days free access to the system, after which you are then billed $39.95 per month! There was no mention of this in pre launch or anywhere else for that matter.
Whats worse is that they only accept credit cards meaning that if you want to cancel you have to contact them and cancel through them. You cant cancel through the bank or card company.

I asked myself would I trust an online marketer to cancel my card payments!!????

The other thing I did not like in the terms and conditions page was the area where it points out that there are NO REFUNDS given for what so ever reason!!!!

I was originally prepared to risk the $9.95 if it was only $9.95 to trial the system but as it stands its an ongoing charge of at least $39.95. SO NO WAY MATEY!!

These online systems all seem to be moving in the same direction. They are no longer accepting Paypal as the purchaser is in control with Paypal, but are now only accepting credit card payments as that takes the control away from the purchaser.

Steer clear and avoid - seems just like all the rest to me.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Streamline Funnel System Scam????

The Streamline Funnel System - Testing Right Now
Is it a Scam?
Well, I found this system, watched the video and read the information and thought, this actually looks different.
First thing is - right now this is in pre-launch stage and it is free to get in and join!
No commitment, no payments, no credit card. Infact the only details they requested was name, email, country.
So I looked further and signed up.
Im actually quite impressed and I decided to follow the program because it is unlike anything else I have ever seen.
They dont want any money off me for a start!!!!!
In pre-launch - at this moment in time there are 3 days left to get into the program without paying any money. After pre-launch it costs a mere $9.95 to join and get in.
The software within the program creates affiliate links and creates 10000 leads automatically.
So I am running with this one as I dont actually think its a scam at all. I think it is totally genuine.
It does have the usual downline etc, but I already have received 49 people in my downline and its all running automatically and I have been a member less than 1/2 a day.
I have pasted the link for any interested parties but I would recommend that you sign up now when its free and not have to pay the $9.95 after official launch then you have nothing to lose.
I will paste my progress on this blog. Any of you following the blog that have become members, please let me have your findings and feedback. Many thanks

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Data Money Online Scam - Data Money Online

dream lifestyle system - dream lifestyle system scam